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  • Laboratory Tests For Dehydration

    Dehydration refers to the process of excessive water loss from body tissues, which is frequently accompanied by imbalances of chloride, potassium, sodium, and other types of electrolytes. This can happen anytime fluids are lost and not replaced adequately, especially when a person doesn’t drink enough fluids. There are no symptoms of early dehydration; moderate or

  • About Wilson’s Disease and Laboratory Testing

    Wilson’s disease is caused by abnormal copper metabolism. It leads to excessive storage of copper in the body, especially in the brain and liver area. It is an inherited genetic disorder. Copper is an essential mineral required by the body, and the primary source of copper is diet. Enzymes in the body use it for

  • Order Your Own Laboratory Tests Online in 3 Easy Steps

    Order Your Own Laboratory Tests Online in 3 Easy Steps

    What if there were a way to order laboratory tests online, no doctor’s note required? With our process, there is! You know that bloodwork can reveal valuable insights into your overall health, as well as disclose important details about your risk factors for certain medical conditions.  Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at our simple, innovative