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  • Heart Disease and Lab Testing

    The heart, a muscular organ that is in the region of the chest in between the lungs, is about the size of an adult fist. The job of the heart is to pump blood, and it can beat as much as 100,000 times per day. The blood carries nutritious oxygen and nutrients through the body, and it

  • Heart Attack and Acute Coronary Syndrome and Laboratory Tests

     Also referred to as an acute myocardial infarct, a heart attack occurs when an artery blockage prevents blood from flowing to a portion of a person’s heart. If someone isn’t treated swiftly, heart tissue can be damaged or even destroyed. A heart attack can be fatal. The American Heart Association states that each year, approximately

  • Information About Angina and Lab Testing

     Angina is the term used for a type of chest pain, which is mainly caused by a lack of supply of oxygen and blood flow to the individual’s heart. Over 7 million residents in the U.S. are believed to have this condition. It is typically linked with arteries that have started to narrow, which is

  • Lab Testing for Congestive Heart Failure

     Congestive Heart Failure is also known as CHF or heart failure. Whatever you call it, this condition is one where the human heart is unable to pump blood with the efficiency that it once did. This means that blood, as well as other various fluids, start backing up inside the body. The effect is particularly