Order Your Own Laboratory Tests Online in 3 Easy Steps

What if there were a way to order laboratory tests online, no doctor’s note required? With our process, there is!

You know that bloodwork can reveal valuable insights into your overall health, as well as disclose important details about your risk factors for certain medical conditions. 

Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at our simple, innovative three-step testing approach that’s helping people around the country take better control of their health and wellbeing.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!

Why Order Laboratory Tests Online?

We understand that you have plenty of options and different routes to take in your quest to find medical answers. 

Why, then, should you order your important laboratory tests online?

Let’s review a few top reasons why it’s smart to trust this easy, future-focused process.

Take Control of Your Health on Your Terms

You don’t have to wait to receive clearance or authorization from a doctor to get the information you’re looking for. Especially when time is of the essence, you need access to a quicker option.

We offer a wide variety of more than 2,000 laboratory tests designed to provide you with data-rich insights you can use to determine your next steps forward. From Alzheimer’s Disease to weight management, the range of conditions we examine is vast.

In addition to these laboratory tests , we also offer comprehensive wellness panels that enable you to test for specific biomarkers to gauge your overall health and fitness levels. 

When you’re ready to take back the reins to your health and dig deeper into issues that are concerning you, we’re here to help. We’ll give you direct access to your results so you can monitor and measure them over time.

A Customized Approach to Wellness

The most accurate lab test results are those that don’t only diagnose but also educate. That’s why, in addition to our individual blood tests, we also offer collections of blood tests called “panels.”

Patients can choose the specific panel that aligns with their health concerns. Some of the most common lab panels include:

  • Allergy
  • Baseline Biomarkers
  • Blood Health
  • Cancer and Tumors
  • General Health
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive Health
  • Heart Health
  • Health Check-up
  • Hormone Health
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Liver and Kidney
  • Thyroid Health
  • Fitness and Performance
  • Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients
  • Weight Management

These specialty laboratory tests allow you to narrow in on the exact issue that you want to learn more about. 

A Closer Look at Biomarkers

Do you know how much your blood cells reveal about you? Medical experts estimate that they contain more than 70% of the data they need to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. 

If you make changes to your eating habits, lifestyle, or your healthcare habits, your red blood cells will take note and adapt accordingly.

Regenerating every 120 days, they’re a great way to compare your present and past health status. If you make changes to your eating habits, lifestyle or your healthcare habits, your red blood cells will take note and adapt accordingly.

Our laboratory tests isolate these blood markers so you can clearly see where you stand. This is an ideal way to track your progress toward a goal and do it on your own time.

Wide Variety of Blood Tests

Think you’ll never find the specific blood test you need? Or, are you worried it will be too expensive if you do find it?

Don’t stress. Included in our list of 2,000 clinical laboratory tests, we offer hundreds of blood chemistry wellness tests, with many starting at only $12.95.

Why invest in one?

Some adverse medical conditions can exist undetected for up to two years, without any noticeable symptoms. This list describes a few of the most common types. 

A blood test can provide a warning indicator that you could be at risk of a serious disease. If you can detect a problem sooner rather than later, you’re that much more ahead of the treatment game.

Same Quality as In-Hospital Testing

We get it. 

Before you buy anything online, it’s hard to know for sure whether you’re receiving the real deal or an imitation knockoff.

With our health tests, you never have to wonder about the quality. 

These aren’t cheap copycats that sacrifice quality to save you a few dollars. Nor are they inefficient or inaccurate in their readings and results. In fact, these are the same clinical laboratory tests that doctors use to diagnose serious medical conditions and perform life-saving therapies!

Our labs are CLIA-certified and regulated by government agencies. They’re the same ones that healthcare providers and hospitals rely on to provide their patients with professional testing capabilities. 

Ease of Access

You shouldn’t have to squeeze your schedule to accommodate a doctor’s appointment. We strive to make it as easy as possible to complete your testing requirements.

When you’re ready to begin the process, you can choose to have your blood drawn from over 2,100 state and federally certified blood-draw centers (Patient Service Centers) nationwide. There’s likely one near your home, school, or workplace.

Convenient Online Review

Now, you can check the results of your lab tests in your pajamas. You don’t have to wait by the phone all afternoon, hoping that your doctor will call with results.

You’ll pick the time or location that’s convenient for you and take a look at the numbers via your web browser or mobile device. Most of the time, you’ll receive your confidential results online within one to two business days.

Safe, Secure Platform

When you sign up with us, you’ll receive access to a private and secured online portal where you can manage your health. Here, you can view your orders, order new lab tests, and choose your Patient Service Center. 

A major advantage of this approach?

You’re able to access and monitor your test results in a private manner, without the interference of third parties. And, the results are presented in a visual, easy-to-understand format that makes even the most complicated concepts, such as biomarkers, a cinch to understand. 

Available to Anyone

Worried that you can’t receive or afford lab tests because of the specifics surrounding your insurance plan? We don’t disqualify anyone from accessing our services, even if you don’t have a medical plan in place.

Moreover, we don’t require waiting periods or place limits on pre-existing conditions. If you want to take proactive control of your health, we’ll work with you to make it happen. Along the way, we’ll help you avoid administrative snafus that accompany most doctor-ordered lab work, including:

  • High insurance deductibles
  • Mini-med or limited benefit health plan requirements
  • Policies that don’t cover laboratory tests
  • Issues with self-funded plans
  • Requirements for frequent lab testing

You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get the answers you need. Our platform is accessible and available to almost anyone.

Note that while we’re able to extend our testing services to residents of most states, there are three that do not allow direct access testing. These states are New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

Your Three-Step Lab Test Ordering Process

Now that we’ve explored why our platform is an ideal alternative to traditional testing procedures let’s review how the process works.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Order Your Lab Tests Online

First, take the time to review all of the laboratory tests and wellness packages we have available on our portal. You can start your search by reviewing all of the test categories available. You can search by your specific condition, a certain body function, or even by weekly promotions. 

Choose the test you need. You do not need a prescription to order any of our tests.

Then, use our Lab Locator Tool to search our network of Patient Service Centers. We have more than 2,100 approved centers around the nation, making this part as convenient as possible. Find the one closest to you and select it. 

Now, you’re ready to place your order!

To streamline the process, go ahead and create an Ulta Lab Tests account on our site. You’ll access all of your health portal information through this account. If you already have one, log in. 

When you’re in, you can pay for your test via our secured online payment system. Print your Lab Requisition Order as soon as you checkout. You’ll also receive an e-mailed confirmation of your order, along with all pertinent details. Your Lab Requisition Order will remain valid for six months from the date of approval.

Step 2: Get Your Blood Drawn

When you’re ready, take your Lab Requisition Order to the Patient Service Center you selected. This is where you’ll go to get your blood drawn. 

Make sure to read all of the instructions about the lab test or wellness package you select. Some will require you to fast before your blood draw. You’ll find this information in the “Patient Instructions” section of your Lab Requisition Order.

If your test does require fasting, then fast as directed to ensure the results are as accurate as possible.

Fasting is necessary for some laboratory tests because when you eat and drink, that food and liquid gets broken down and enters your bloodstream. When it does, it can affect the levels of some substances found naturally in your blood, including:

  • Sugar
  • Cholesterol
  • Other fats
  • Important minerals, such as iron
  • Important enzymes, such as GGT

There are many diagnostic tests, such as those for diabetes and anemia, that require these levels to be normal and not skewed by dietary intake.

Step 3: Review and Discuss Your Results

After you get your blood drawn, you’ll receive the results within a few business days. An email notification will alert you when yours are ready. To make sure you receive all of our communication, remember to mark our email address as a safe and approved recipient, so all correspondence will go straight to your inbox. 

Keep in mind that while most tests have a very short turnaround time, more complex ones could take between five to seven business days to process. 

To find your results, log into your account on the Ulta Lab Tests portal. Here, you’ll find your personalized private healthcare dashboard. This dashboard consolidates all of your testing data into a user-friendly format to make sure you clearly understand the results. 

Your data is displayed on intuitive charts, along with simple explanations of relevant biomarker data. In addition to these visual representations, you’ll also receive a comprehensive PDF of all of your test results.

We recommend that you share this information with your physician or healthcare provider, especially if your results are abnormal. However, we recognize and respect that the decision is entirely yours. 

As you order more lab tests, you can chart the diagnostic changes that occur between them right on your dashboard. This is an excellent way to monitor your progress and verify that any treatment plans you’re on are working as expected. 

Laboratory Tests, Made Simple and Accessible

We applaud you for wanting to take a more proactive and informed approach to your health. We also understand that most laboratory tests can be laborious, time-consuming, expensive, and stressful.

That’s why we’re dedicated to making this journey as simple and straightforward as possible. 

When you need access to critical health information as quickly as possible, our three-step process gets you there. It also ensures that your information remains confidential and private until you’re ready to share it. 

When you’re ready to get started or learn more about how it works, feel free to visit us online today. We’ll help you reclaim control of your health, one test at a time.